The War at Home – GBV Indicators Project

The War at Home – GBV Indicators Project

Date: November 1, 2012
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Gauteng Research Report, South Africa

Over half the women of Gauteng (51.3%) have experienced some form of violence (emotional, economic, physical or sexual) in their lifetime and 75.5% of men in the province admit to perpetrating some form of violence against women.

Emotional violence – a form of violence not well defined in domestic violence legislation and thus not well reflected in police data – is the most commonly reported form of violence with 43.7% women experiencing and 65.2% men admitting to its perpetration. One in four women in the province has experienced sexual violence in their lifetime. An even greater proportion of men (37.4%) disclosed perpetrating sexual violence.

Yet violence against women is still regarded as a private affair with only 3.9% of women interviewed reporting this crime to the police. One in 13 women reported non-partner rape and overall only one in 25 rapes had been reported to the police. These are some of the stark findings of the Gauteng Gender Violence Indicators project study conducted by Gender Links (GL) and the Medical Research Council (MRC).The survey in South Africa’s most densely populated and cosmopolitan province shows that while political conflict in the country has subsided, homes are and communities are still far from safe, especially for women.


ISBN: 978-0-9869879-1-5
Publisher: Gender Links
Year of Publication: 2011
Download : Acknowledgements, foreward, executive summary
Download : Chapter 1: Introduction
Download : Chapter 2: Methodology
Download : Chapter 3: Extent of GBV
Download : Chapter 4: Patterns and drivers of GBV
Download : Chapter 5: Effects of GBV
Download : Chapter 7: Support
Download : Chapter 8: Prevention
Download : References
Download : Chapter 6: Response to GBV

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Henry says:

“75.5% of men in the province admit to perpetrating some form of violence against women”
“Emotional violence…65.2% men admitting to its perpetration”
How are they defining emotional violence?

Rachel Tshabalala says:

Good day
How does app-base work and where can it be found.

Amanda Jephson says:

How can I obtain a free copy of THe War at Home Online?

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