Violence Against Women Baseline Study Zimbabwe

Violence Against Women Baseline Study Zimbabwe

Date: November 20, 2013
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About a quarter (26%) of women in Zimbabwe experienced some form of violence (psychological, emotional, economic, physical or sexual) perpetrated by an intimate partner in the period 2011-2012. Thirteen percent of men in the country admit to perpetrating some form of violence against their intimate partners during the same period. Sixty-nine percent of women experienced while 41% of men admitted to perpetrating intimate partner violence (IPV) in their lifetime.

In the majority of cases, women and men reported multiple intermittent incidents of physical or sexual IPV. This is evidence of the cycle of VAW that is also recurrent. Unique to this study is that of all the forms of IPV, a greater proportion of women report experience compared to the proportion of men that report perpetrating IPV against their female partners.


ISBN: 978-1-920550-64-6
Publisher: Gender Links
Year of Publication: 2013
Download : Foreword, Executive Summary
Download : Ch 1: Background and context of violence
Download : Ch 2: Scope and methodologies
Download : Ch 3: Extent of violence
Download : Ch 4: Effects of violence
Download : Ch 5: Drivers of violence
Download : Ch 6: Prevention and participation
Download : Ch 7: Protection
Download : Ch 8: Co-ordinated strategies
Download : Ch 9: Conclusions and recommendations

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