Raped granny breaks silence

Date: August 31, 2011
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NAME OF STORY:Raped granny breaks silence


DATE:27 June 2011


THEME:gender violence




TEYATEYANENG-A 79-year-old grand mother has accused police of not doing  enough to ensure the man who allegedly raped her and a fellow villager more than a year ago,is brought to justice.The frail-looking woman (who can not be named in order to protect her identity)says she is now afraid of staying at her Ha Mamathe home just outside TY because the suspected rapist happens to be their neighbour and continues to walk the streets a free man.

Narrating her ordeal to The people’s paper,the disappointed grandmother said: ”I live alone,my husband died in 1988,and I had never had any problems until this particular night of March last year.It was raining heavily;there was a thunderstorm and at about 9pm,I heard the windowpane being shatterd.

My immediate reaction was to dismiss the crash as the violent storm,which was causing so much havoc that night.”But I was shocked to see a man standing inside my roomwhere  I was,with his head and face covered by a woolen hat.Immediately,the man attacked and despite my resistance and cries for help,he overpowered and raped me.  

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