Reseacher’s Briefing Meeting 29 March 2011

Date: April 29, 2011
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The Southern Africa Gender Protocol Alliance will convene a one day consultative meeting with researchers to review existing country barometers and agree work plans, timeframes and contracts for updating country reports. Attached at Annex A is a matrix to assist in assessing the gaps that need to be addressed in country barometers that researchers are requested to work through before the meeting on Tuesday. This annex will accompany your contract. Attached at Annex B is a schedule for the production of the Barometer showing how the country chapters will feed into reviews by cluster leaders before the final compilation of the Barometer, and translation for launch at the Heads of State summit in Luanda in August 2011. Attached at Annex C is the audit conducted at a conceptual meeting on costing the implementation of the Barometer to determine the current status of national policies and action plans on gender; the extent to which they are aligned to the Protocol; gender responsive budget initiatives in each country; potential process and entry points for a costing initiative.

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