SA Barometer 2013: Chapter 3 Education and Training

Date: July 14, 2014
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Key points

  • South Africa ranks first in the education sector with an SGDI score of 100%
  • The CSC score for the country is at 78% and this could be attributed to the lack of delivery on basic educational needs of learners.
  • Gender parity has been reached in primary, secondary and tertiary school level
  • Gender Based Violence in schools is a serious problem; many pupils suffer high levels of physical and sexual violence in schools.
  • There is no clear programme to reintegrate girls who become pregnant.
  • Retention is an issue; girls drop out due to teenage pregnancy, early marriage and HIV/AIDS. Girls tend to be responsible for caring for sick family members.
  • The Education sector received an allocation of 20% of the country’s 2013 national budget.

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