SADC Gender Protocol 2015 Barometer Lesotho

SADC Gender Protocol 2015 Barometer Lesotho

Date: August 5, 2015
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Lesotho has signed and ratified the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Protocol on Gender and Development. It has also deposited the instruments of ratification with the SADC Secretariat. The SADC Gender Protocol (SGP) came into force in September 2012, implying that it is now a legally binding document, requiring states to domesticate its provisions.



Download : Table of contents, Executive summary
Download : Ch1: Constitutional and legal rights
Download : Ch2: Governance
Download : Ch3: Education and training
Download : Ch4: Economic justice
Download : Ch5: Gender based violence
Download : Ch6: Health
Download : Ch8: Peace building and conflict resolution
Download : Ch9: Media, information and communication
Download : Ch10: Implementation
Download : Ch11: Gender, climate change and sustainable development
Download : Annexures

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Mantsebo says:

May I kindly have a digital copy of this publication. I am developing a proposal for funding in relation to gender mainstreaming in climate change adaptation for Lesotho to be submitted to the UN Trust Fund for Human Security in June.

Kind regards

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