Sally Makhudu

Sally Makhudu

Date: March 13, 2012
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Wishing you well on your birthday.

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Simone says:

Happy happy birthday Sally – hope you had a good day yesterday

Mary Coopan says:

Very Happy Birthday Sally! I was so busy that I forgot but I’ll catch up with you when I come to Cottages, the best palce for me in Johannesburg.Hugs,Mary

Fanuel says:

Happy Birthday Aunty Sally, i wish you 1 100 more!

Bridget says:

Happy Birthday Aunty Sally!!! my son has been asking when you will be coming back from your son’s wedding becasue we have been on serious muffin drought….

congratulations for your son’s wedding and may god bless you with many more years to see and enjoy your grandchildren…

Susan Mogari says:

Antie Sally!!
Happy! Happy birthday!
O gole! o lekane le tlou!
Modimo a go segofatse!


Colleen Lowe Morna says:

Happy birthday Aunt Sally! You rock !!

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