Samsung Advert

Date: January 1, 1970
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The Samsung cellphone advert depicts a long legged woman advertising cellphones under the caption ‘make a statement before you’ve even said a word.’

This article may be used to:
  • highlight the extent to which women’s sexuality is used to sell products.
  • highlight gender stereotypes in advertising.
  • raise discussions about image and consumerism.

Trainer’s notes

A picture of a long legged woman in high heels, an image often associated with ‘sexy’ women is used in a cellphone advert. No meaningful relationship between the two (cellphone and long legged women) can be drawn.  It is not clear whether the woman is dressed or not, again it remains unclear why a naked picture of a woman would be used to advertise cellphones. This advert does very little to sell the product. The caption ‘make a statement before you’ve even said a word’ seems to be directed to the woman in the picture. One could conclude this is in reference to her legs and ‘sexy image.’ The advert commodifies the woman, highlighting physical attributes the way that women can make a statement.   

 Discussion Questions

  • Referring to the tagline, “Make a statement before you’ve even said a word,” what is the statement that the image is making? Would the statement have been different if showing a high powered, executive image of the woman?
  • Considering buying power, who is the target market? Is this image a good choice for marketing cell phones? Why, or why not? 
  • Can you think of ways in which the product could have been sold without sexualising women?
  • Does the portrayal of men and women in the advertising differ? If so in what sense?
Training exercises 
  • Review billboards or adverts in newspapers/ magazines. How many advertisements feature male or female bodies for unrelated products?
  • Collect a range of different adverts. Covering the product name, assess how images relate to products, and what this means for messaging and product recognition, both important parts of marketing.
  • Visit a cell phone shop too conduct market research. Design a marketing strategy for cell phone companies.

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