Date: January 1, 1970
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In this advert, a woman gazes out at the viewer, with her hand wrapped around her lover’s face. The implication of the advert is that the man after using Seduce is able to get any woman. The impression is that this beautiful woman, is seductive.

This advertisement may be used to:
1. Show how women are used to advertise products in a way that perpertuats stereotypes. This advert is also a good example of how media portray women as sex subjects who have mastered the art of seduction.
2. Demonstrate how using sexuality can be poorly used to sell a product.
Trainer’s notes
In the Mirror on the Media Advertising research conducted by GL male audiences felt that the advert related to the product being sold and would gladly buy the perfume. The female audience felt that the advert did not relate to the product. They said it was not clear if the deodorant is for women or men and when they discovered it was for men they felt women had simply been used for commercial gain. This is an example of a blatant stereotype about beautiful, but dangerously cunning women manipulating men until they have them under control. This is not just a stereotype about women but also about men who have no control over their sexuality.
Discussion Questions
1. How does the advert reinforce stereotypes?
2. How else could the man and woman have been portrayed, that could be equally sensual.
3. If there were only a man in the advert would it be stereotypical?
Training Exercises
1. Conduct a poll. Show random individuals the advert and ask – what is this advert selling? Do you want to buy it ? Compare male ane female answers and assess the likely success of this advert.
Additional training resources
Picture our Lives, Gender and Images in Southern Africa, Chapter three: Sex, Gender and Stereotypes
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