So much promise, so little change, Daily Mirror

Date: January 1, 1970
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Analysis of the efficacy of the women?s machineries that have been established in the last two decades to push the gender agenda within governments.

This article may be used to:
  • Examine a critical piece on gender equality.
  • Provide an example of a well constructed opinion piece.
Trainer’s notes
The opinion piece, So much promise, so little promise, is a well written and constructed piece. This is an example of a gender-aware report, because it:
  • Contextualises the gender machineries within a broad context of political developments
  • Looks at how little impact the women’s machineries have had on women’s lives.
  • The argument is clear and logical.
  • The piece unpacks the issues that are responsible for the lack of efficacy of the gender machineries.
  • It clearly locates gender on the main political agenda and the lack of progress through the women’s machineries on the lack of broad political will.
Gender can be mainstreamed into all issues covered by the media in the following ways:
  • Choosing a gender angle to tell the story.
  • Including the voices and perspectives of women and men and not just the views of those in positions of power and formal authority;
  • Exploring the gender power relations and issues which underlie a situation or issue. This is done not only through the voices and perspectives of those interviewed, but also through thorough research and investigation to provide context and depth to a story;
  • Examining how issues, policies, events impact on or affect the lives of women and men.
  • The language used to tell the story also should be neutral and gender-sensitive to reflect a fair and balance portrayal of individuals and issues.
Training exercises
Exercise one: Discuss the following questions in a group:
  1. Does your country have a ‘gender machinery’ in government?
  2. What is it called and what is its role?
  3. What has the structure achieved over the last five years?
  4. What are some of the challenges facing the gender machinery?
Exercise two: Read the case study and discuss the following:
  1. What factors make this piece a good opinion piece?
  2. Why is this piece gender aware? (Look at the argument; data; logic; structure.)

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