SOS Sex À“ the catty approach

Date: January 1, 1970
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This article is from a section in the newspaper that aims to advise readers about sex. This article explains the different stages of how to excite sexual desires. It proposes that success of this experience is to take time and leave the women desiring more.

This article may be used to:
1. Show that the picture and the caption have nothing to do with the article.
2. Raise discussions about women and images.
3. Discuss gender and sexuality.

Trainers Notes
Both the picture and the title have nothing to do with the story. The article is told from a male perspective while the picture shows a woman who is tempting men for different kind of lovemaking. The picture can be considered degrading to women, as it promotes an image not of empowered sexuality, but rather objectification. 

 Discussion Questions:
1. What is your impression of the headline? Does it match the article?
2. What do they think about the picture that is used in relation to the story? What  alternative picture could they have used? Why?

Training Exercises
1. Have participants rewrite the headline and discuss the changes.
2. Have participants conduct a survey to ascertain what people first think of when they see that picture. And what personality traits they think would be found in the woman in the photo.

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