South Africa: Salome follow up entrepreneurship I story

Date: November 12, 2015
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Written by: Salome

After attending the workshop that was organised by Gender Links I was at peace.   I started with the Gender Links workshops in February 2015.   I did not write the first I story because I missed the workshop. Before this I was doing nothing. We were taught how to do a business plan and also the importance of starting your own business.

Now I sell sweets and snacks and I am also involved with the TAC. I found it most useful to learn that for example, a person can go wash and iron clothes for people they will pay for those services, or babysit when parents go to work. You can sell bananas, bunny chaw or even apples. But before you start your small business you have to consider the place of the business and what is needed for a start.   I liked the business plan training and found all the information useful.

I have experience violence. I was born in Selwana Dinoning Moshate Village in 1978. I am the fifth born in my family and when I got married I had 2 daughters. I was staying with my Mom, Dad and my siblings before I got married, 3 girls and 2 boys. My father passed on while we were still young but when he was still alive he used to abuse my mom. He used to beat her up day and night but when he had gone to work we would enjoy those moments with my mom but by the time he came back from work we all got scared because the lion was back. My father left to work in Johannesburg and he told us that he will be coming back at the end of every month. I had a big problem because my dad left us while we were still young, my mom raised us. When he left I was only six years old and after twenty years of not seeing him I wrote looking for him. I found him at the police station and I was told that he was staying with his mistress but he beat her up and shot her. It did not surprise me as he was doing the same to my mom, abusing her and the children. Unfortunately my dad passed on. I am pleading that when a person sees a man abusing his wife and children he must be reported. I suffered violence from my husband. He was staying with a mistress and if I dare to say anything he would grab me, beat me up and stab me. I told him that if he beats me again I will report him. After reporting him to the authorities I was finally at peace. If I can be employed by the authorities I will fight against abuse of women and children.

At the community level I will try to help other people, meet with other women and make sure that they can stand on their own. I choose friends who will not lead me astray, who will give me good advice so that when my children see me they will be proud. I advise the community about matters related to violence against women and children.


My goals are to own a mansion and also a nice car.

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