South Africa: Zola – follow up entrepreneurship I story

Date: November 12, 2015
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I started at Phase 2 with Juliana Davids. I have learnt how to do a business plan and that was new to me. Now I am proud because I now know what to do in a business and now have more information about entrepreneurship and able to share the information with other women in my community. I have also learnt more about women and children abuse.

I started at Phase 2 in 2015, I did not attend phase 1 because I was not aware of it. I am able to help other people if they are abused. I will be able to achieve my goals now in a business as I will be able to stand on my own with the information I got from the workshop. I have learnt to say no if don’t like things. The training has improved my confidence as now I am able to stand in front of the crowd and talk.

I need to learn more about how to register my company at SARs, need to know how I can do a tax clearance.

My main challenge is to start my own business so that I can help my family out of poverty. To find a place to live with my angel, to help people living with HIV/Aids. Have more for children who are orphans because of HIV/Aids.

I was doing nothing before the training, and at these moment I am not doing anything, but at time I get odd jobs. The training has helped me to have more power as now I can speak in front of people and share things that are going on in my life as a lesson to others. I know one day I will have peace within myself. No, because I am still struggling to register my business.

I experienced violence from my mother, and yes she still abuses me because she treats me as if I am a child. She never gives me love and help with anything in my life. She never helps me with anything as a parent. No, there has not been any change but the only thing when she want money from me.

Yes, most of the time I am stressed and I am angry at most of the time. I regret having my daughter because I can’t help her with anything she needs.

I love myself and I help other people when they don’t have food, clothes and I motivate others on how they can survivor in life. In church I am a leader, they chose me. I help the old ladies and youth with counselling. I go house to house praying for them. I am a role model to other in my community.

Learn to be a strong women and to say no if I don’t like something. My future plan is to see my daughter’s future bright and have a big business and a house of my dreams, a happy life. In 2030 I want to see myself very successful.


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