Supply of Water – Week End

Date: October 9, 2010
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Title of article: Supply of Water: the CWA (Central Water Authority) is careful
Newspaper: Week End
Date: 25 October 2009

This article is very informative and gives lots of details of what can happen during the dry period in Mauritius. The article details concerns expressed by the authorities at the Central Water Authority due to the low level of water in the Mauritius reservoir. The chief Executive of the CWA is interviewed and he explains the situation and the volumes of water in the reservoirs and in the groundwater.

In a situation like this, it is normal that the primary voice is that of the CEO of the CWA so that the Mauritian population at large has an idea of the actual situation of water levels in the reservoirs and all the water cuts that will affect the population. Homemakers are more affected in this kind of situation.

The journalist has also thought fit to get the views of weather experts for a report on the cyclone season, which was about to begin. The weather experts also highlighted that the “weather can cause severe discomfort to the vulnerable groups.”

Although the article is well written with lots of details, there are lots of voices missing in the article. When there is water cut homemakers are those who suffer most as they need to find ways and means to stock water, which could mean going to a nearby river to ensure proper sanitation and health for their home and the family. A homemaker could have been asked to give her views. When weather experts talk about vulnerable groups, those who suffer most in the heat are the elderly. The Minister of Social Security who is charge of the portfolio for the elderly could have been interviewed to give her views on what she proposes to do in case the elderly suffer from heat waves. A doctor and elderly persons could also have been interviewed. With all these voices the article would:

1. Have been more well-balanced.
2. Have shown the human dimension; water shortage concerns human beings and women are the most affected.
3. Have given information to the elderly and the vulnerable in case of a heat wave.



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