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Date: March 30, 2011
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Summary of good practise

Kgomotso More Botswana
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Providing Shelter and counselling for survivors of GBV

Thabo Marumo, Botswana
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Women empowerment/mobilizing women on gender issues

Shatho Mathala, Botswana
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Project for women empowerment, sewing entrepreneurship.

Flory ‘Maliteboho Kolobe, Lesotho
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Ts’epong Counselling Centre engages in counselling and support activities for HIV and AIDS infected and affected children, orphans, those living in abusive homes though provision of counselling, home visits and provision of basic living items and school needs

RANDRIANARISON Nénée Gilberte, Madagascar
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Sensitization, information of women within villages and quarters, caring, support of women victims of violence, resolving the problems of households in case of violence, palpable results can be perceived throughout these activities

Brigitte Michel, Mauritius
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Supporting relatives of PLWHA and IDU’s in a community weakened by the deaths of young IDU’s/PLWHA

Mahadevi Ragoobursingh, Mauritius
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Empowering victims of GBV towards self-reliance.

Liza Magerman, South Africa
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This organization works with local schools and they inform them of where there are signs or cases of abuse amongst the learners. victims also make use of the centre for referrals to e.g. SAPS

Nomonde Memeza, South Africa
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The organization deals with the community and also how issues of HIV /AIDS are effecting them, and working with vulnerable orphans

Nondumiso Funda, South Africa
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Support for victims of corrective rape i.e.- Lesbians and survivors of GBV

Collins Hamasalu, Zambia
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Zambia police through the Victims Support Unit (VSU) addresses victimization of women, men and children. The Unit works with international conventions on the rights of the child and on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.

Mercy Zulu, Zambia
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Lifeline Zambia is a telephone counselling service provider which is accessed from a toll free number from all over Zambia. The helpline targets children and women who are the majority of GBV victims and providences counselling and makes referrals to relevant institutions. We also do live radio phone in programmes.

Melania Mandeya, Zimbabwe

Council engaging in a project of farming bushy areas, so as to reduce levels of GBV

Patience Chigodora, Zimbabwe
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Supporting orphans and child headed families.

Thembeni Khoza, Zimbabwe
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Care and support of vulnerable people-orphans, elderly so as to reduce GBV cases

Unity Jaji, Zimbabwe

Council taking initiative to promote women and to mainstream gender

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