Swaziland: Women love male circumcision

Date: March 5, 2012
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Mbabane, 28 February: Hygiene is something that I admire a lot in men: in particular, a circumcised male reproductive organ.

As the circumcision program is rolled out in Swaziland, it is hoped that the number of HIV infections will decrease. Some men dispute how the removal of the foreskin prevents HIV transmission. Let this be a discussion for another day!

My word is, modern women prefer circumcised organs as they make men clean and bring added pleasure to the relationship. Circumcision is now fashionable!

Growing up in Swaziland, I always had a loathing for men with hair – it seemed to symbolise poor hygiene to me. Whether the hair is on their arms, legs or head, I am simply uncomfortable! Perhaps it is due to growing up reading fairy-tales about grizzly bears and big bad wolves or maybe watching too many movies where paedophiles were usually outrageously hairy men with hair as long as Rapunzel’s.

Fortunately, in my part of the world, more and more men are starting to realise the benefits of being clean-shaven or at least keeping their hair short and beards neatly trimmed. There are, however, those who still think a good show of manhood is having a thick mound of hair on the armpits and head.

Our traditional attire in Swaziland exposes this a lot, when men lift their hands to wave, there is an unsightly display of hair that has taken many moons to grow. What happens on a hot day can only be left to the imagination. And then imagine how hairy they are in other secret places where the temperature is conducive to hair growth and repulsive odour!

Like many women, I think hygiene is an essential component of a relationship and above all love-making. We prefer to kiss and even take it a step further with men who at least appear to have taken a shower in the last few hours. Chances of a guy who looks like he needs a good scrub getting lucky, are close to none. To go beyond the basics of general love-making and actually go down on a guy, means he really has to have just stepped out of the shower or at least look fresh enough. My girlfriends have always had a problem getting really intimate with some people.

The craziest of the lot, Gabi says: “I broke up with my boyfriend because he had not been circumcised.” Men, for your own information, a circumcised organ is hygenic and many women admire this in men. They may not say it, but this is the fact. Gabi goes on to say that her first boyfriend had been circumcised and putting up with an uncircumcised one made the relationship really difficult. She says when she suggested circumcision to her boyfriend, he said that nobody in his family had ever been circumcised and therefore he would not consider it.

Circumcision, although relatively new in the kingdom of Swaziland, has been well received by many women. Besides the major benefit of decreasing one’s chances of HIV infection, women are grateful that their men will be cleaner. Once you have seen an circumcised organ, an uncircumcised one just pales in comparison – it is actually quite unsightly!

Some men say that after circumcision, their partners are more comfortable experimenting with lovemaking. Senzo Mabuza for instance says that he got circumcised in 2010 after his girlfriend encouraged him to. He points out that lovemaking with his partner is now more enjoyable because she is more comfortable with him. She can also challenge certain traditions as in most instances, she initiates the act. “I guess this has helped to keep the fire in our relationship,” says Mabuza.

Population Services International (PSI) Swaziland Clinical Director Dr Khumbulani Moyo says “a circumcised [male organ] is definitely cleaner than an uncircumcised one.” He says men find it easier to clean their organs after circumcision. Circumcised men are also more likely to be assertive sexually as awareness of a good body image is a very important factor in building self confidence. Even parents of newborn baby boys say it is far easier to maintain cleanliness of their son’s organ if it is circumcised.

Thank goodness we have many “get circumcised” campaigns all over Swaziland. They have so many advantages – not just reducing HIV and AIDS, but also bringing greater happiness to women, whose “needs” seldom feature in such debates!

Bongiwe Zwane is a writer and public relations practitioner based in Swaziland. This article is part of the Gender Links Opinion and Commentary Service, bringing you fresh views on everyday views.


17 thoughts on “Swaziland: Women love male circumcision”

Pete says:

I found this article disturbing and reminscent of the sexist discourse I imagined Genderlinks tries to combat.

The writer’s remarks about “unsightly display of hair” are offensive. There is nothing unsightly about the human body. Does the writer also subscribe to the view that women should shave their bodies to look like prepubescent girls.

The suggestion that the uncircumcised penis is less hygenic than the circumcised one is also ignorant. So the writer won’t go down on an unwashed guy – good for you – but once washed the difference be cut and uncut dissapears. To suggest otherwise shows a lack of experience. The uncut penis is more sensitive and what’s wrong with that.

Do we really need men to be more sexually assertive? Women, sure, but men. Does the writer know nothing about the sexual dynamics power?

This piece was deeply offensive on so many levels. The kind of article I will keep to use as an example when discussing insensitive journalism.

I’m dissapointed to come across vitriol like this published under Genderlinks name. Why the editor chose to distribute this piece I will never know.

It would be fascinating to get a response from the editor, but I’m uncertain s/he could justify this decision. I do hope you will publish this comment.

The Hippie Goth says:

Thanks for an interesting article. I also found the previous commentator, Pete, made some valid points.

I’d like to suggest an idea: the author of this article seems to have a fetish for hairless skin. Nothing wrong with that – there are men and women of all sexual preferences who are aroused by the clean-shaven appearance.

The thing to remember, though, is that this is a preference. There’s no right or wrong. While it’s useful to share your own experiences and preferences, we mustn’t mistake opinions for facts.

Some people like it hairy. Others not. Some women love circumsized penises. Others prefer them with foreskins intact.

Hairiness does not necessarily mean uncleanliness, and not everyone who shaves is clean. I’ve smelt some rather strongly-scented shaven armpits, believe me.

To each his/her own.

Thulu says:

interesting article! very well said sister! I think there’s a lot of homour in this article while stating some hard core issues which are hardly spoken of. we also should not forget that such articles are representative of what the author thinks. There is no way we can all think alike. I love this different style of thinking and writing!

Zipho says:

Men are so defensive when women choose to express their opinions freely on issues that are found to be taboo. People will openly discuss sex but when it comes to getting down to real issues they run off! I do not think the Editor needs to defend his or her choices! This is a fair article (albeit a little naughty) but who cares? This is an opinion commentary services and we need more of such articles which will get us thinking instead of the usual boring stuff. We are no longer living in the dark ages people!

Zuluboy says:

Hippie Goth is spot on – we have different prefences. If someone loves them hairy, then they should write their own article. Each to his own! I enjoyed reading this!

Bongiwe says:

The feedback is much appreciated. Issues of this nature are bound to be understood differently – sometimes due to socialisation and sometimes due to failure to accept that people are diverse and therefore the way they think can never be the same. Women rarely talk about sex in public spaces and the more they claim their voices, the more inspired they will be to take their health into their own hands.It is a known fact that many women do not even know what their partners’ penises look like and such discussions make it easy to talk about sex as a package and not just penetration. Perhaps someone somewhere will be inspired to ‘take a peek’ at their partner’s penis before they jump into bed!It is important for people to express themselves on what they prefer – this does not mean everyone has to think the same way. Just as circumcision and shaving are personal choices, such opinions should also be viewed as just that – opinions! Thanks!

Thabs Zimboy says:

This article is good because it is highlighting what really happens inside women concerning men’s male organ and sexual intercourse. So it is up to other women and men to see if they are not in the same situation and maybe they may try her plan for her lover to get circumcised .

Boineelo Mokgadi Gandhi says:

Recently a Radio Botswana morning show discussed male circumsicion.

Women who commented indicated they are in total support of male circumcision for its contribution to hygiene. They pointed out that the campaign should not leave them out as they, women, can influence men to respond positively especially that many man who are scared to do it have been told by others that it makes one less useful in bed!

Another interesting contribution was from Pastors who explained that circumcision is biblical! Apparently God is all for circumcision. So what is the next excuse??

Vincent Siakwale says:

This is a very good view for women to encourage us to go for Male Circumcision (MC). In Zambia, the ministry of Health is promoting the same as part of the efforts to reduce incidences of HIV infections which are currently at
226 per day (as reported by the Minister of Local Government Proff Luo). But there are other thoughts by married women who think that the period of 3 to 4 weeks to wait for the husband who undergo MC to heal and get back to action in bed. This discourages some men because you may end up leading others into temptations during a man’s social absence in marriage as he nurses the wounds. How does Gender links take this kind of situation in marriages as we promote MC?

peter says:

circumcision is great just as put for hygienic purposes and transmission reduction. for my ethnic group lunda its part of tradition but for now its no longer tradion its done for cleanliness purposes and bedroom matters enhancement. in short it has been welcomed by many people in zambia as i can proudly say am clean….Nice step in swaziland,keep up the spirit and let it spread.

Hugh7 says:

I can’t believe the above message was posted on a board about Gender Equality and Justice. Would you tolerate it for a moment if the genders were reversed? (I’m not talking about the horrors of FGC as practised tribally in sub-Saharan Africa, just the nearest equivalent, done surgically.) And Swaziland is one of the 10 out of 18 countries USAID found where more of the CIRCUMCISED men have HIV than the non-circumcised.

If men (or women) want to have themselves circumcised, for that reason or any other, that’s their choice, but there must be NO coercion, and it must not be done to those too young to give informed consent. As several correspondents have said, to each his/her own!

Ziggy says:

What coersion is Hugh7 referring to? Even when babies are circumcised, their parents have to endorse this so there is totally nothing wrong. Let’s not be emotional about this!

mayimele says:

on point. good article fair

Jackson Mwalundange says:

The circumcised organ becomes drier and less sensitive, making it more resistant to ejaculation and, thus, leading to prolonged sex and pleasure – some thing a woman is looking for in bed.

Sharma says:

Whether a man wants to be circumcised or not is his business. Those who do not want to be circumcised shouldn’t be made to feel dirty. I know a circumcised guy I wouldn’t go down for because he doesn’t clean his circumcised penis well. My boyfriend is not circumcised and I would never change that for the world. He is great in bed because his penis is intact and is very sensitive. We can hightlight our preferences without being insulting, I’m sure. Armpits hair is not cool in my books either, though.

Mulimba says:

The bottom line about circumcision is HIV/AIDS and not hygiene or prolonged sex. I would prefer people discussing how circumcision can reduce or has reduced HIV/AIDs infection in Sub-Saharan Africa.

I don’t know how the issue of hygienic comes in when someone baths or wash their private parts regularly.

Joy says:


Circumcision wherever it occurs causes a AIDS EXPLOSION!
REASON IS the Foreskin produces TRIVALENT MOLECULES that Kill all 3 RACES OF GERMS, #1Virus,
#2 Bacteria,
#3 Fungi

INFACT SCIENTISTS are harvesting Foreskins to extract these Trivalent Anti-Germ Molecules because bacteria has resistance to Antibiotics, but Foreskin produced Anti-Germ Molecules are immune to resistance. So the Future of fighting all 3 Races of Germs is Foreskin made Molecules, so when you Circumcise you remove the Molecules that Kill AIDS, HERPES, HPV and rest.

*#A FORESKIN MAKES ANTI AGING MOLECULES that protect keep the woman’s vaginal canal younger, this is why Oprah’s Sells Skin Cream to Women to put on Face made from these Foreskins, yes these women and I am one of them, love Circumcision because its only way to get these Anti Aging Foreskin Molecules to keep us looking younger for now.

*#B FORESKIN PROTECTS A WOMANS VAGINAL CANAL FROM SEX BURN, MICRO TEARS from the Dry abrasive Friction of a Mutilated aka Circumcised penis. IF you watch Porn compare the Uncut all Natural Intact Penis movements in vagia vs the mutilated nasty Circumcision scar having penis. No need for sex lube when its with a un-mutilated all natural penised man, the Media hates this as there owners companies make tons of money selling Sex Lube, and only Genitally Mutilated Men need sex lube, intact men do not need it. Nothing gulides to stop vagia wounding friction than a foreskin bearing system made by God and or Evolution. Men have Evolved to have Foreskins because over Million years of Evolution from Ape into Human, the Human Women selected to reproduce with stronger more pronounced Foreskin-ed men, and thus with every generation foreskins became more and more developed, million years back men did not have foreskins. But also Nature found couples survived better if the partner had a foreskin, its due to the Anti Germs molecules it makes and the Anti Aging molecules which empower women to live longer healtheir, thus they lived more, and the non foreskin-ed ancient men and couples died more offten, thus modern men by Nature have fully evolved foreskins. BUT BIG INC can not make money if nothing is broke, so they want you to SAY GOD IS RETARDED HE MADE A MISTAKE THAT NEEDS MUTILATING SURGERY TO CORRECT!

IF YOU READ BIBLE IT SAYS DO NOT CIRCUMCISE, the Media is lying when it says otherwise.

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