Teachers irked by Kasama VCT councilors, Zambia Daily Mail

Date: January 1, 1970
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The article is VCT counselors who disclose the HIV status of teachers without their consent.

This article may be used to:
1. Stimulate a discussion about the right to privacy and the ethical issues surrounding the public disclosure of HIV status. 
2. Raise issues about education and HIV.
Trainer’s Notes:  
The article may be used to show the need to multi source a story and achieve a balance between people with HIV and official sources. The journalist has not included the perspective of people with HIV, particularly those who status has been disclosed without their consent.  The article also fails to explore the gender dimension of VCT and the impact of disclosure on men and women.                                                                                                                                                               

Discussion Questions

1. How do people living with HIV face stigma ? What is the impact on someone not ready to disclose their status?
2. What is the role of VCT counsellors ? What are the ethical guidelines.
Training exercises:
1. Trainees should be asked to rewrite the story from the perspective of someone whose HIV status has been disclosed with consent. 
2. Trainees can also make a list of other potential sources who could be interviewed for this article.

Links to Training Resources:  Gender and HIV/AIDS: A Training Manual for Southern African Media and Communicators, Gender Links and the AIDS Law Project, Chapter 4 www.genderlinks.org.za/docs/training/hiv-training-manual/hiv-ch4.pdf  and Chapter 5 www.genderlinks.org.za/docs/training/hiv-training-manual/hiv-ch5.pdf

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Comment on Teachers irked by Kasama VCT councilors, Zambia Daily Mail

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