The chief is not a man, not even a legal grown up yet – Business Day

Date: April 13, 2011
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Three years after being turned away by three universities a young female entrepreneur is running a construction company. This article celebrates her success.    

Few can imagine that a 20-year-old woman, turned down by three universities, would successfully manage a construction company. Through the eyes of the young woman, the story of challenges, opportunities and innovation is told, including those that impact on women and youth.

The article does not shy away from uncomfortable truths, including about relationships with family, friends, colleagues and workers. It deals with management and leadership issues. The article is inspirational not only because of Mosa Moeketsi’s achievements, which included being crowned several times as a business leader, but because of her social commitments to ensure opportunities for other youth.

The article is well-written and flows easily. Even though the story is told by the lead character, it is grounded. A side-bar on women entrepreneurs could have added some spice to a well-flavoured piece.

The headline plays on the colloquial use of chief to signify boss. It also plays on traditional hierarchy and urges readers to look at gender models through a different lens.

Single-source, the story is narrated by the subject.

The story is written in an objective manner.

Visual images

Moeketsi’s picture is included and it portrays her as a happy and confident young woman.

Story angle or perspective

The angle and slant of the story aims to change traditional perceptions of roles women assume. In this case, it challenges stereotypes of youth as well. The story portrays women positively.

Placement or positioning
A large amount of space is allocated and this piece is the sole item displayed in the management and leadership section of a niche, business newspaper. The message is clear: women with chutzpah must be celebrated.

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