The Sowetan sells out – thematic case study

Date: September 15, 2011
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Description: After the Sowetan published its explicit front-page image (“Sies”, 15 August 2011) about the sexual encounter between two government officials, it boasted that the paper was sold out by 2pm the same day. This thematic case study focuses on the Sowetan‘s ethical blunder and the blatant stereotypes it perpetuated. It traces the circulation of this story and the varied responses it received. Some newspapers such as Mail & Guardian critiqued the ethics of publishing such an article, while papers like the Daily Sun advertised the video of the sexual encounter, which is being sold by informal traders.

Articles analysed: “Sies!”, Sowetan, 15 August 2011; “Sex cop photos were in bad taste”, Sowetan, 16 August 2011; “You’ve been a porn star for the past 10 years?!”, Sowetan, 17 August 2011; “Editors in bubbles undermine free media”, Business Day, 17 August 2011; “Scandal that got SA talking”, Sowetan, 19 August 2011; “Sex is the new Malema”, Mail & Guardian, 19 August 2011; “Romance…at the water cooler – or waiting room – doesn’t work”, Sunday Independent, 21 August 2011; “Sure, there are issues of morals here, but this story is definitely more than skin deep”, Sunday Independent, 21 August 2011


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