The World Cup and African women_mmegi

Date: July 30, 2010
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Name of article: The World Cup and African women

Name of publication: Mmegi newspaper

Date: 06 June 2010

Country: Botswana

Skills: Fairness

Genre: Opinion

Description of article:

This is an opinion piece by Juliet Torome, a Kenyan born woman about the World Cup, soccer/ football and women. She talks about how passionate the Kenyan women are about soccer and how it is not surprising these days to find a group of women talking about soccer.

This article may be used to:

  • Challenge stereotypes towards football, it is not only for men but women as well.

Trainer’s notes:

  • The language used is fair, and no undermining words are used. Juliet does not critic those women who are as much in love with soccer as men.

Discussion Questions:

  • How many women love soccer?
  • Is it wrong for women to love soccer?
  • Should women play soccer?
  • Is sport gender biased?


Training Exercises:

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