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Date: January 1, 1970
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The advertisement is congratulating the Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG), Group Chief Executive, Mrs Chipo Mtasa for winning the following awards: Tourism Personality for the year 2008 and the Tourism Woman of the Year 2008.

The article may be used to:
  • Show the success and achievements of female leaders.
  • Showcase women in leadership positions, as well as women venturing into domains that were previously reserved for men.
  • Show changing roles of men and women, as well as women shown in the public sphere as compared to the private sphere.
  • Raise debates on what women and men bring to leadership. .
  • Demonstrate how media can be used to show case women in leadership.
Trainers’ notes
The advertisement is congratulating the Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG), Group Chief Executive, Mrs Chipo Mtasa. Under her leadership RTG won five divisional awards and according to the advertisement, this broke an all time record. In the winner’s citation, it was mentioned that Mrs Mtasa made history by becoming the first female Group CEO in the tourism industry. The advertisement is gender aware as it recognises female leaders and their successes in various industries.
Discussion Questions
  • Discuss gender issues that are raised in the advertisement.
  • Ask participants to discuss who they think make better leaders, men or women and give reasons for the answers given.
  • There is a saying which says, behind every successful man, there is a woman behind, can the same be said about women. Is there a man, behind every successful woman? Identify or give examples of such couples.
  • Discuss the implications of the words ‘breaking an all time record’ used in the advertisement. In gender related terms, what do the words imply?
  • Discuss whether there is gender balance in the tourism industry? Discuss the contributing factors to the answers given.
 Training Exercises
  • In pairs, ask participants to identify at least five other females in leadership positions, for example, female CEOs. Ask them to discuss the successes and achievements that they have scored. What have been their challenges?
  • Ask participants to write a gender sensitive story using information on the advertisement.
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