Uhuru Publications Limited Institutional profile

Uhuru Publications Limited Institutional profile

Date: June 27, 2013
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“It is Uhuru in Gender mainstreaming at Uhuru Media”

Uhuru newspaper is owned by the ruling Chama Cha Mapindunzi (CCM) political party in Tanzania. It is at the forefront of gender mainstreaming in the country. In an interview with Gender Links, Dunia Nzobora, senior sub-editor with the newspaper, pointed to unconventional beats covered by female reporters, prim and proper pictures and adverts, as well as excellent representation of women’s voices as areas worthy of special mention.

“The issue of gender here is more or less good, because we have a number of female journalists who are holding key positions. For example, we have a chief sub who is a lady, and the previous Deputy Managing Editor who was elevated to the position of District Commissioner. She is no longer here; she has been transferred to Magu. She is the District Commissioner for Magu in Mwanza region. Also, we have a number of senior female journalists including sub editors here and others who work hand in glove with the News Editor”, he stressed.

Continuing, he noted that “pictures of men and women from various walks of life are featured”. While acknowledging that there is virtually no specialization in the Tanzanian media, he posited that Uhuru newspaper treats male and female journalists equally, whether it involves coverage of politics, business and economy, health, etc
“Sometimes male journalists and sometimes female journalist are assigned to these stories. If you go to Tanzania Media Women Association (TAMWA) events for example, there are more male reporters, and you know that TAMWA is going to talk about women mostly, so you can see it [unconventional roles] here”, Nzobora said.

In response to gender-based violence and HIV and AIDS issues where women are at the receiving end of the former and are more affected by the latter, Nzobora said: “This issue of gender violence; the women are in most cases vulnerable/victims of the actions. If this happens, we go to women themselves who can speak on the issue. For example, we are working hand in hand with Tanzania Media Women Association (TAMWA), Tanzania Gender Networking and other institutions that deal with women issues and speak out concerning women especially against gender violence.”



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