Under aged children working as street hawkers.

Date: August 17, 2012
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Name of the article: Under aged children working as street hawkers.
Name of the newspaper: L’express 22th of May 2012
Name of journalist: Sarah Lo-Hun
Skills: Sources
Theme: Children
Genre: News

Description: These children are less than 12 years old and they are already exposed to an adult world. Accompanied or not by a responsible party, they gain a living on the sidewalks of the Capital and the Victoria station. Interviewed by the journalist, a young boy aged 12, related that he undeniably needs to work in order to survive as well as his family. Some metres away, we can notice a girl less than ten years of age shouting desperately to sell her chillies. All these heart breaking scenes seem to be something typical to the people moving along the street. According to the Child Protection Act, the Ombudsperson for Children Act and the Employments Rights Act children under sixteen are not authorized to work. Besides, the Education Act imposes that children should be provided with formal education till 16. Since 2006, 16 persons have been verbalised for having incited children to work. The Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment, Shakeel Mohamed in his speech, outlined that there will be more and more control over such cases.

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