Vicious teen rapist jailed ten years

Date: October 21, 2011
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NAME OF ARTICLE:Vicious teen rapist jailed ten years


 DATE: 26 September-02-October 2011


 THEME:gender violence




 Maseru-Eightee-year-old Mojalefa Molikeng,is to spend the next ten-and half years behind bars after the Magistrate’s Court last Tuesday found him guilty of raping a 22-year-old woman on March 22 this year.Magistrate Makopano Taole -when giving out the sentence -did not offer the accused the chance to pay a fine,which have enabled him to avoid doing time.

 Molikeng,of Ha-Nelese,was given a 10-year-jail term for rape,with the court adding six months to the sentence after finding the accused guilty of stabbing the victim with a knife serveral times.According to the evidence before the court,Molikeng first stabbed the complainant,rendering her powerless,before raping.

 The complainant told the court that on that day in question,she was at the home where the family also sells eggs and other goods,when the accused arrived,saying he wanted to buy four trays of eggs.The victim said she told the accused thee eggs had finished.”I was alone when he arrived and after I had told him that we had run out of eggs,he further asked to buy cement,but I said that it was no there either.

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