Vox pops – Youth advice for  African leaders

Vox pops – Youth advice for African leaders

Date: January 1, 1970
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Asked the question – What do you think is the biggest problem facing Africa and what should African leaders do about it – here is what young people had to say…



“I think the biggest problem facing Africa is the lack of education that the youth have. And its because some don’t have the facilities to get a proper education, or some parents don’t have enough money to send their children to a proper school. Our leaders can make school fees cheaper, like for rural areas it should be free or maybe charge R50 for the whole year for parents that can afford.”  –  Thabile, 16, South Africa

“I think the biggest problem facing Africa is the lack of education, the more educated people we have the more job opportunities and a better Africa for all.” – Francisco Simao, 20, Angola.
“I think the biggest problem facing Africa is crime, and I think the African governments should close all the gun shops so that no body will have access to them.”  – Israel Camunga, 24, Congo.
“The biggest problem facing Africa is education, due to the fact that some of our education systems are very corrupt. Secondly, education has lost its emphasis, we just scrape past.. Our leaders should make sure that we have qualified teachers and in terms of punishment it should be vital and constructive.”
– Thobile, 17, South Africa
 “The biggest problem Africa has is poverty, and I think government should provide more food and shelter for those who are in need of them.” – Manuel Jerusa, 18, Angola
 “I think the biggest problem facing Africa currently is poverty and diseases, like AIDS and currently there is a new outbreak like swine flu which might be coming to the face of our continent and other diseases. What our leaders can do to solve it is to work together with various organisations  such as  the United Nations implementing new strategies and policies to of tackle poverty and diseases especially amongst the poorest countries.
– Tholakele, 19, South Africa
“I think the biggest problem that we are facing in Africa is AIDS, and our leaders hould resolve their differences and try work together for the people.” – Thato, 20, South Africa.
“The biggest problem in Africa is crime, and i really think that our leaders should do something about it. .Another thing that is facing Africa is AIDS I don’t know what they can do about because a lot of teenagers are sexually active so the only thing that needs to be done is to find the cure and there is no cure. So teenagers should stay away from it.”  – ­ Charity, 16, South Africa.
 “I think the biggest problem facing Africa is democracy, because if you really have serious people in Parliament everything will be okay. Our leaders should be united to care about others and everything can be good."  – James,18,Congo
 The biggest problem Africa is facing at the moment is poverty, and the best thing for our leaders to do is to select all the unnecessarily leaders and get rid of them.” – Walter, 20, South Africa
Compilation and photos by Cindy Dzanya and Pedro Simao, project assistants working with CMFD Productions in Johannesburg. This article is part of the Gender Links Opinion and Commentary Service.

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