Was Diana a virgin on the day of her wedding?

Date: January 1, 1970
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This article discusses the publication of a new book about Princess Diana, by her former friend who claims that she was not a virgin on the day of her wedding. She slept with the Prince in the Royal train before getting married.

This article may be used to:
Show how media can continue to sensationalise a story long after someone’s death.
2. Raise discussions about virginity and different expectations of men and women.
3. Raise debate about media and privacy.
Trainers Notes: 
The article discusses the virginity of a woman on her wedding day, almost 26 years ago (1981), and many years after her death. The fact that this is at all newsworthy, points to a social fixation on virginity. Expectations related to virginity differ significantly for men and women.

The story
According to the article, the book describes Diana as a person who was not in love with Charles, but more interested by the idea of becoming a Princess. It suggests that before the wedding they were very much in love. They had two sexual encounters on the royal train before the wedding, which they denied to Buckingham Palace. The book says that Charles later had a love affair with Camilla because he was tired of Diana’s moods and her eating disorders. The article further says that the couple became violent and threw objects to each other, and that Diana tried to attract Charles’ attention by dressing up, and by doing private striptease for her husband. Long time friend of Diana, Simone Simmons, describes the book as grotesque. She is convinced that she was a virgin on the day of her wedding.
Discussion Questions:
What are the stereotypes in the story?
2. Why does her virginity to continue to be of interest. What are social expectations around virginity?
3. Do media have any responsibility for family privacy? How would her children feel to read this? Should media consider this?
Training exercises
1. Investigate how different cultures view virginity. Include why people think virginity is or is not important. Write a commentary piece.
2. Conduct a survey asking both men and women to rate importance of virginity at marriage for men and for women. For example, ask women how important they rate virginity for men – Very important, A little important, Not important at all. Then how they rate virginity for women. Ask men the same questions. Compare responses.
3. Consider mental health issues described in the story. Rewrite this story with greater balance and sensitivity to these issues.

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