We took positive steps

Date: January 1, 1970
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The advertisement is encouraging couples to visit an antenatal clinic. It states that the couple has taken steps to protect their unborn child from HIV.

Trainers notes
The advertisement is gender balanced. It is gender sensitive. It does not apportion blame on either the husband or the wife. Use of the word “together” makes both parents responsible for their actions and outcome. The advert suggests that an HIV positive mother can transmit the virus to the baby, and encourages people to visit the antenatal clinic where they will get advice and information on how to keep the baby safe.
The article can be used to :-
1.      Show gender balance and awareness in advertisements.
2.      Raise discussions about prevention of parent to child transmission of HIV and how a  mother living with HIV can transmit HIV to her child.
3.      Place emphasis on going to antenatal clinics as partners.
4.      demonstrated inclusive language and positive images that that encourages couples to go for testing together
Discussion questions
1.      The advert starts by saying “We took Positive Steps to ensure that the life we made together has a chance – What life is being referred to and what is meant by chance. What assumptions do you make about the couple?
2.      How can an HIV positive mother prevent HIV transmission to an unborn baby?
3.      Is it advisable to visit an antenatal clinic together with your partner? Should couples be tested together and how should one disclose an HIV positive status to the other partner? Is the advertisement realistic?
4.      Discuss if the advertisement is relevant? If so why? If not, explain and how can it be made better.
5.      What are the barriers to couples communication and joint family planning? Do advertisements like this help?
6.      Ask participants to critique why they are no names on this advertisement and yet another in the campaign (see below) where the couple is HIV positive, there are names. What are some issues around disclosure ?
Training exercises
1.       Ask participants to go into groups or pairs. Ask them to rehearse how one can disclose their HIV status to a partner and ask others to watch the reaction.
2.       Ask participants to design advertisements that encourage couples to go for testing together, another one that prevents parent-to child transmission of HIV, and one that is related to disclosure. Ask participants to critique the adverts so that they improve on it.
Links to other training resources
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