Weightings in favour of black women

Date: January 1, 1970
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This story is purportedly about Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) being weighted in favour of women, but this is only discussed in the last paragraph; no black women are interviewed, and the image used is that of a white man!

This article may be used in training to:
Demonstrate how so often women and especially black women do not have a voice of their own (little wonder that in the South African Gender and Media Baseline Study black women, who constitute 45 percent of the population, accounted for seven percent of news sources).
Trainer’s notes
On the surface, this story is a classic example of a headline that fails to deliver. On closer analysis, it also reveals the gender and racial biases of the South African mainstream media. Of course, in a survey on black economic empowerment, there must be at least one obligatory story on gender. However, the first half of the story, based on interviews with a white male and white female sources, says nothing whatsoever about gender. Weightings for women are only discussed at the end- by a white woman. The image used is of a white man. The broader question to pose is: if black woman entrepreneurs are treated so marginally by the mainstream media, what other kinds of obstacles are they likely to be confronting in participating meaningfully in BEE?
Some training exercises
Put together a panel of women entrepreneurs to talk about their experiences with the media and get a panel of editors to respond. This will make for a robust discussion on how women in the private sector feel they are regarded by the media; as well as constraints that the media may be facing in accessing such sources.

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