What does it mean to be a ‘woman on top’?

Date: June 13, 2011
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Top Women in Business and Government (TWBG) is a magazine that promotes women who have made it in the top management positions across different fields. It is about women who are challenging assumptions and pre-conceived notions as they dominate the public sphere. Women from sectors such as banking, renewable energy, media and engineering are show-cased in a way that breaks stereotypes about women’s capabilities. It is interesting that the ten contributors to the magazine are also all women. TWBG is published bi-annually with the intention to create a greater platform to share and celebrate the successes of women in business and government. Ironically, the very first advertisement seen in the magazine perpetuates a gender stereotype. The advert shows a naked model lying across the page, covered with three over-sized diamond rings. This advert has been given prominence as it is on the first image that the reader sees when the magazine is opened and it covers two full pages. This says a lot about how even in publications that are meant to promote gender equality, advertisers are still stereotypical about the way they portray women. It contradicts the meaning of what it means to be a top woman in business and government. <->

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