Why strip women naked

Date: May 1, 2012
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Name of article: Why strip women naked

Name of journalist: Chimwemwe   Mizaya

Name of publication: The daily times

Date:06 February 2012

Country: Malawi

Theme: Gender Violence

Skills:  perspective, language

Genre: opinion

GEM Classification: Gender aware

Description: Allow me to comment on the bizarre acts that happened on January, 17 where women’s rights were violated in a shameful manner. Actually 17 January happens to be my birthday. I was in an internet café at around half past one in the afternoon and I happened to be wearing jeans.
Without suspecting anything, I stepped out the car and innocently passed some men and vendors. I guess they were wondering how on earth I could wear trousers on a weird afternoon like that one. As I was surfing the internet, happily going through the list of those that wrote on my wall on Facebook, wishing me happy birthday, I overheard some women saying there is violence in town and women wearing trousers were undressed.



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