Women better off in a secular state- Sunday Times

Date: June 8, 2011
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Name of article: Women better off in a secular state

Name of author: David Lawson

Name of publisher: Sunday Times

Date: 17 April 2011

Country: South Africa

Theme: Gender equality, human rights, sexuality

Skills: Headline, language and perspective

Genre: Opinion

GEM classification: Gender aware

JV Larsen suggested in “Look for a better path in SA”, Reader’s views (April 10) that South Africa should not have declared itself as a secular state in 1994 and that this had contributed to today’s deviant society. Would he prefer a theocracy like the Vatican, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Pakistan or Afghanistan?

Most of these regimes have serious problems with w omen’s rights.   Homosexuals are persecuted, punished and, in some of these states, even executed.

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