Women investing construction field.

Date: July 3, 2013
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Name: Women invest the construction sector.

Name of publication: Le Defi Quotidien.

Name of Journalist: Kervin Victor.

Date: 8 March 2013.

Country: Mauritius.

Theme: International Women’s day.

Skills: Sources.

Genre: Investigative journalism.

Gem classification: Gender Aware.

While there is still much to do to achieve a state of equality between the both sexes there are significant progress that deserve to be underlined. If women, in Mauritius, have conquered the last few decades, the right to work, there were still areas reserved for men, such as trades or construction.
The Prodesign firm specialized in design and engineering shows how they are offering equal positions to women and not only to graduates of electrical and mechanical. In 1997, the firm was composed exclusively of men; today 25% of staffs are female. Dr. Mahendra Gooroochurn, Research Manager, ‘This is a normal evolution in line with the arrival on the labor market of girls who have tertiary qualifications, either in civil or engineering marketing’. Only jurisdiction is retained as the main criteria to select a candidate, thus, opening the opportunity for Oonisha Tuposeea Balgobin who was recruited by the firm. She claims; ‘I feel well protected even if I receive an equal treatment to my male colleagues. ‘
For Ooanisha, the experience is different because she has to go on construction sites for work supervision. She relates, ‘in an almost exclusively male world, I admit I was a little intimidated but the warm approach and support of my colleagues have reassured me very quickly’. She now feels comfortable in this harsh and fast-paced world.
For Farahnaz Sairally in post since 2008, she owes the capacity to occupy such a large portfolio thanks to the hands-on training received at Prodesign. ‘I may be currently the only woman in management but it does not affect my participation in the management of the company,’ she assures.


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