Yatsani COE

Yatsani COE

Date: September 10, 2015
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Fact file
Country Zambia
Media House Yatsani Radio
Baseline Score 57%
Latest score 72%
Proportion of women sources 32%
Gender Policy Yes
Joined the COE programme 1 October 2011
Summit Yes
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Yatsani is a community radio station formed by the Catholic church, Lusaka Archdiocese, in 1997. As a community radio station, its first goal is to address all issues affecting the community. Among these are issues of poverty, especially focusing on food issues. Its programs have religious and moral content. Special emphasis is given to themes that help and support the poor, the marginalized and voiceless members of the local community. The station uses local languages and English in its programming.

COE Report card
Stage Description Date Outputs
I Meetings and adoption of COE concept 1 October 2011 MOU
II Situational analysis
III Inception workshop 30 March 2012 Report
IV Policy drafting 31 March 2012 Draft Gender Policy
V Adoption October 2013 Gender Policy
VI Opinion and commentary
VII Understanding the context
Media Management and editing
Constitutional and legal rights and governance October 2014 Report
Climate change and sustainable development
Education and training September 2014 Report
Productive resources, employment and economic resources October 2014 Report
Gender Based Violence November 2014 Report
Health and HIV and AIDS November 2012 Report
Peace building November 2014 Report
Implementation November 2014 Report
VIII Self monitoring
IX External monitoring and evaluation
X Summit


Download : Yatsani MOU
Download : Yatsani media profile
Download : GBV report
Download : Draft gender policy
Download : Gender Policy report
Download : Reporting constitutional and legal rights and governance
Download : Reporting on education and training
Download : Reporting GBV , Peace Building and Conflict Resolution and Implementation
Download : Reporting Productive resources,employment,and economic resources

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