Young People in the European Digital Media Landscape

Date: October 28, 2009
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In the days when today’s youth were still infants and toddlers internet and mobile phones – personal computers too, for that matter – were unknown to most people. Today, over 90% of the young people ofthe Nordic countries have access to internet in their homes, and almost as many use the web each day. The average for young people in the European Union overall is 60%.

In connection with the Swedish Chairmanship of the European Union, a conference on the theme, “Promoting a Creative Generation”, will be held in July 2009. For this conference Nordicom has produced a booklet of data that give an overview of young people’s media use in the digital age. Our aim has been to present, to the extent possible, comparable data for the countries of Europe. At the end of the publication the media habits of young people in Sweden and other Nordic countries are described in a broader perspective. The material was compiled by Catharina Bucht, co-ordinator of the International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media.

ISBN: 978-91-89471-83-2
Publisher: NORDICOM
Year of Publication: 2009

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