Date: January 1, 1970
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It shows a professional woman who is sitting in her office behind a computer. The woman then talks about the professional way the bank has handled her finances and how happy she was banking her money with the financial institution.

This advertisement may be used:
1. As an example of gender aware advertising in that the advert challenges stereotypes about finance being a male domain.
Trainer’s notes
In the Mirror on the Media Advertising research conducted by GL the female audience thought the advert related to the product and were pleased that a woman was selling the idea. The male audience generally felt the same, but a couple felt that a man looked better in financial adverts.
The advert is gender aware because adverts on banks frequently perpetuate the notion that only men use financial institutions. In such adverts, women are shown as bank tellers and serving men. The ZABG bank advert depicts women as professionals. This advert also demonstrates a positve role model of a young woman in the corporate world.
Discussion Questions
1. How would the male trainees feel if they worked for a woman?
2. What jobs are considered feminine and which ones are considered masculine?
3. Are women as competent as men are in the corporate world?
4. Given current employment trends, does it make sense for banks to also target young women ?
5. Would women consider this bank to be "female friendly."
Training Exercises
1. Investigate how banks are responding to an emerging market of young female professionals.
2. Have male and female partipants visit a financial institution. Are they treated the same ?
Additional training resources
GL’s training manual, Business Unusual, Gender and the Economy, provides many exercises on challenging gender stereotypes in the business world. Ask participants to have a look at some of the materials produced during the training on, and to find examples of “gender benders.” In what ways do these change the lives of both women and men?

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