Zambia Barometer 2013: Chapter 1 Constitutional and legal rights

Date: November 25, 2013
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Key points

  • Citizens rated the country’s performance at 68% against the targets related to constitutional and legal rights to be achieved by 2015. This places Zambia at number eight out of the 15 SADC countries.
  • Women scored the country 67% compared to 69% by men. There is no SGDI score for this sector.
  • Zambia is undertaking a constitutional review process. This has provided an opportunity for the women’s movement to strengthen and entrench principles of gender equality and women’s rights in the new constitutions in line with the targets of the SGP.
  • Key demands include special measures to increase women’s representation in decision-making positions and removal of contradictory clauses that undermine women’s rights.
  • Comprehensive legislation exists regarding gender and GBV. A multi-stakeholder plan is in place to guide implementation.
  • Although the women’s movement made comprehensive contributions in the constitution making process, the incorporation of progressive gender clauses remains with the Technical Team on Drafting of the National Constitution. Continued lobbying as the constitution is finalised is imperative.

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