Zimbabwe Barometer 2013: Chapter 10 Implementation

Date: December 9, 2013
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Key points

  • Zimbabwe has signed and ratified the SADC Gender Protocol. The new Constitution in Section 34 provides for the incorporation of all international instruments into domestic law.
  • The country’s National Gender Policy is aligned to the SADC Gender Protocol, but the country has yet to draft and cost an action plan for implementation of the gender policy.
  • The major key result area (KRA) of the Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development is mobilisation of women and communities, the other two are economic empowerment of women and communities and gender mainstreaming.
  • A Gender Commission will be established to monitor the implementation of the gender equality and women’s rights provisions in the new Constitution, many of which are aligned to CEDAW and the SADC Gender Protocol.
  • Twenty-three local authorities have joined the Centres of Excellence (COE) process for local government and three more will join by the end of 2014, bringing the number to 27. The Ministry of Local Government has expressed commitment to expanding the COE process to all 92 urban and rural councils.
  • The National Focal Point for the Southern Africa Gender Protocol Alliance – Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe- has started an initiative with women NGOs to create awareness of the SADC Gender Protocol at community level.

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