Zimbabwe Barometer 2013: Chapter 3 Education and training

Date: December 9, 2013
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Key Points

  • The 2013 SGDI score for Zimbabwe is 93% while the CSC is 76%.
  • Literacy rates are high among women (97%) and men (98%) in Zimbabwe.
  • Data as of 2009 shows a net enrolment ratio (NER) of 98% for both boys and girls in primary school level and 46% females and 43% males for secondary school level.
  • But, 2010 First Term statistics from the Ministry of Education, Sports, Arts and Culture for both primary and secondary school levels show that more males, 50.2% and 50.5% respectively, are enrolled in school than females, 49.8% and 49.5% respectively.
  • Affirmative action measures are used to increase the numbers of females in tertiary and vocational training institutions. Women were 40.7% of students enrolled in Technical Colleges in 2010, and 42.1% of the students enrolled in tertiary institutions.
  • There has been declining investment in education and a gender-budget analysis of the education budget shows little investment in increasing girls’ access to education.
  • Sexual violence against girls in schools remains a concern.

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