Zimbabwe Local Government Gender Strategy

Date: August 17, 2010
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The Policy aims to promote gender equality and equity by increasing the participation of women in leadership positions and access to resources. This will be achieved by developing gender sensitivity amongst all councils, councillors and staff. The Policy identifies specific areas for action and ensures that decision making, development,
planning and implementation mainstream gender

Women’s equal participation in decision making is not only a demand for justice and democracy, but is a necessary condition for women’s needs and priorities to be reflected in planning and service delivery by local authorities. The Policy will assist ZILGA and all councils to reorient some traditions and the stereotyping of women
which contrive to reinforce inequality, exclusion, gender neutral policies which fail to address practical gender needs.

Download : Zimbabwe Local Government Association draft gender strategy

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Rayez says:

None of the Zimbabweans want to stay in South Africa, so it is really a miaktse to qualify them as illegal alien squatters. Moreover many of them are skilled middle class teachers, lawyers and doctors or other professionals who have more job opportunities than South Africans in from the countryside looking for work and who end up hawking identical cell phones to the guy two blocks down on the Hillborrow pavement. Part of the problem has been Thabo Mbeki’s failure to address the crisis in Zimbabwe and the Zimbabweans who have fled the country fearing for their lives the same way opposition candidate Morgan Tsvangirai did. He was in Botswana and come to Johannesburg instead of returning home when it was learned that a hit squad had him in their cross hairs. People like Bishop Paul Verryn of the Central Methodist Church in Johannesburg should be given all the assistance they deserve and a little media attention wouldn’t hurt either. The Bishop believes his church’s mission is one of reaching out and helping those who would help themselves…

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