Zimbabwe market women

Date: January 1, 1970
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The photographer has presented a series of photographs depicting market women in Zimbabwe carrying heavy loads of produce and house effects

These photographs may be used to:
1. Illustrate women in informal trade
2. Stimulate discussion about women’s roles and stereotypes, demonstrating women’s strength and role in the economy.
3. Stimulate discussion and reporting on gender and the economy.
4. Demonstrate to photography learners importance of photographing women, and photographing from a gender perspective.
Trainer’s notes:
The photographer captures images of women with sensitivity and dignity. The photographer has depicted women engaged in their economic activities around the market. Images convey messages and feelings. Photographs are a reflection of how deeply the photographer views or respects the subject. It is about catching the moment and telling a story. A story without photographs often conveys a different message to the reader.
New technologies have made photography a lot more accessible and women journalists have an opportunity to work in the field as free-lance photographers.  Images localises the subject and story even further as it brings out subtle detail such as colour, dress, food, time of day, weather and surroundings, adding value to the story. 
Discussion Questions
1. Do the photos fairly represent the subjects ?
2. What is the importance of gender and images ?
Training exercises
1. Write possible captions for the photos.
2. Write  or plan a story that will go with one of these pictures. What will the story be about? Who will be interviewed.
3. Review current newspapers. Discuss who makes the images in the papers. Describe how women are depicted. How would you change the images ?
4. Have participants create a photo story about women in the economy. If possible, have each participant choose one trade or business each.
5. Have participants create photo stories on men and women in non-traditional employement.
Links to other training resources
1. Picture our lives: Gender and images in Southern Africa.
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