Care Work @ CSW 54 Session

Care Work @ CSW 54 Session

Date: June 25, 2010
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Gender and Media Southern Africa (GEMSA) participated at CSW 54 session and reviewed the year gone since the agreed conclusion at 53rd session in 2009, to improve the status of women in care work. The sector of care work continues to change rapidly and key issues pointed out at the last session, have not been implemented yet; remuneration, training and recognition, logistics and material support, psychological support and gender equality.

Further to the launch of the care work campaign in 2006, GEMSA undertook an audit in 12 Southern African countries to analyse the gaps that exist in these policies. The results are appalling in most countries in the region; only one country, Namibia had a good policy in place for care work. Governments in Namibia are in support of this process to recognise care workers.

Shared views in the Africa region have been interesting and encouraging in some countries. Grassroots women in Kenya continued to work in partnership with Groots, towards the agreed conclusions and have had influence in the National Plan on HIV and AIDS. This little consideration has been noted by the women as they feel that their presence is significant and noted. Though more needs to be done in policy process to have care workers recognised in Kenya and government need to make these commitments real.

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