VOX POPS: What makes a good leader?

VOX POPS: What makes a good leader?

Date: January 1, 1970
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Citizens on the streets of Johannesburg were posed with the question – What do you think makes a good leader ?

If you do not have a vision you not a leader. Respect is very important, for yourself and to the people that you are going to be leading. I think leaders should do more research in what ever they are trying to accomplish. If you are leading people, you have to know their needs – Thelma Thabiso Thibedi, Art Director
A good leader is someone that lives by what he says. He should be good, do good. He should not say one thing and go against what he is saying. – Nerisa, IT Specialist
I think a good leader has courage, vision, honesty, and loyalty. I think they need to be able to aspire, be able to take tough decisions as well as positive once. They need to listen; they need to learn from people around them as well. I know it’s easy but you have to say Nelson Mandela. We all dream of having a leader like Nelson Mandela. – Francis, Tourist
 A good leader is not a boss but someone who has responsibility and not authority. You must listen to your followers.  You must sit down with them and discuss things. You do not have to decide for them. – Julia, Sales Marketer
 A good leader has a good plan, he lets people know what the plan is and after implementing it, he is accountable and responsible for that plan. – Adrian Loveland, Entrepreneur
A good leader is someone who understands the needs priorities concerning those that he leads. A leader should know the exact direction he needs to take to achieve all the goals that everyone in the team needs. Because at the end of the day it’s not about the leader it’s about everyone in the team. – Dumisang Ntlalo, Student
You must have integrity within you. I think to be a good leader you must have followers. – Lunga Khumalo, Tour Operator

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