Making a difference

A major focus at GL is on how monitoring and evaluation contributes to knowledge creation, learning and innovation. The Centres of Excellence emerged from the need to embark on a sustained, coherent and long term project model of results and change. In line with this new approach monitoring and evaluation is now encompassed in a Results for Change Framework.

GL’s Results for Change Framework

GL uses an array of automated data gathering and analysis tools. These tools facilitate extraction of information needed for research,  management, and reporting. The data from various online tools are automatically downloaded into a database which has been programmed to produce reports by date, sex, country, programme and several other variables. For more detailed information on the types of information we gather for each of these, click here  .

Fanuel Hadzizi M&E Manager

GL has placed a great deal of emphasis in the establishment of good Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) tools and systems that enable it to monitor implementation and impact at different levels.  In 2015, GL launched a new system for collecting internal activities data using Epi Info.  The system now allows GL to pull out data on activities, participants, and events as and when needed. Reports are created that automatically pull data at a regional and country level. Epi has allowed GL to produce a monthly M&E overview report which provides an opportunity to proactively manage projects. Also read more on GL’s RFC and 2015-2020 strategy here.

Fanuel Hadzizi and Nosisa Mankayana

Another M&E advancement made by GL in 2015 was making use of a new online platform for creating customised online surveys, questionnaires, and application forms.

With offices in 10 countries, it is important that GL finds contextually appropriate ways of collecting and analysing data about the work it does.

Read more in the  2017 RFC Annual Report.

Download the Results for Change policy.

Download the GL Accountability and transparency policy.