GL is committed to peer learning, within the organisation and with partners. GL has held several gender and media summits, Gender Justice and Local Government Summits and the SADC Gender Protocol@ Work summit. These have yielded over 2000 good practices on promoting gender equality and meeting the 28 targets of the SADC Gender Protocol. The case studies have been analysed in various issues of the Gender and Media Diversity Journal. As coordinator of the Southern Africa Gender Protocol Alliance, Gender Links has produced a learning case study and DVD on the process.

As a DFID PPA grantee, GL belongs to various learning networks, and has recently initiated the Southern African Learning Partnership for DFID grantees with offices in the region. This group is, among others, contributing to a Theory of Change on Gender, and testing the BOND principles of credible evidence. View the powerpoint presentation from the Bond conference 2014, Turning Broken Eggs into Omelettes – A View from the Kitchen.