Monitoring and evaluation is a crucial component of all the work that we do at Gender Links for a number of reasons. Firstly the routine, systematic collection of information is important for the purpose of checking our projects’ progress against plans but more importantly it is how we use the monitoring data to make judgements about whether a project has achieved its stated outcomes. As an organisation it is important that we are able to show a change in condition or behavior of our beneficiaries as a result of receiving benefits from our project outputs. And ultimately we are trying to measure actual changes in conditions of the basic problems that we have identified and which we are attempting to address. Click here for more information from the 2017 annual report.

Through its changing lives series GL  gathers  evidence about the impact of its  work through  first hand accounts  from the people who participation in GL’s programmes.  These heart warming accounts of how people have benefited from GL’s work drives GL to ensure that its work is always of the highest standard.

Another M&E advancement made by GL  was making use of a new online Survey Gizmo platform for creating customised online surveys, questionnaires, surveys and application forms. GL had previously invested a great deal in these using an external contractor however this new platform is more costs significant. The new online platform Survey Gizmo is directly linked to Google Data Studio reports. Take our online surveys. For more information  click here

GL conducts regular programme and organisational evaluations to enhance learning and improve the quality of our work. Click here to view our evaluations.