Case studies

Facilitation of SA Allliance
This case study outlines how the Alliance through Gender Links (GL) and South African Women in dialogue (SAWID), who have a signed MOU with the alliance has used the alliance focal network to conduct provincial dialogues in the 9 provinces of South Africa. Read more

Facilitation of country village level and alliance meetings
This case study outlines the value for money achieved by the GL in working with the Alliance focal networks across 12 SADC countries. The Alliance networks conducted country meetings to strengthen the networks through thematic cluster mapping to reflect the protocol targets and the special interest groups. Read more

GBV, Political buy-in and ownership
The GBV Indicators project took place in 6 countries. GL was able to leverage 79% of implementing costs for the project through strategic partnerships and from other donors. PPA contributed 22% of the total amount. Read more

Media COES ripple effect
Over the three year implementation period, the Centres of Excellence model has evolved with GL devising new strategies to strengthen the process. This has increased effectiveness as well as led to media houses taking greater ownership and accountability of the process. Read more