17 year old teenager raped – The Midweek Sun

Date: June 27, 2011
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Name of story: 17 year old teenager raped

Name of journalist: Chakalisa Dube

Name of publication: The Midweek Sun

Date: 8 June 2011

Country: Botswana

Theme: Gender violence

Skills: Fairness, portrayal

Genre: News

Gem classification: Blatant stereotype


A 17 year old girl was brutally raped overnight by a knife wielding man last Sunday in Sebina village, Tutume police have said. Station commander Supt Vusumusi Jorowe confirmed the incident in an interview with Ghetto Metro on Monday.The incident happened between 10pm and 12 midnight.The victim was treated at the hospital and released. No arrest has been made yet.

Supt Jorowe said the teenager was abducted and raped by somebody she knew and is well known in the village. She was leaving home around 10pm at night to attend a funeral vigil when she found the suspect waiting for her in a nearby bush.

The suspect allegedly took her to his house and then repeatedly raped her after threatening her with a weapon suspected to be a knife, Jorome said. The girl was held for an unkown amount of time before she fled and called the police. The police chief said the rise of rape cases in his policing area is a worrying factor, as 15 attacks occured in the last six months.”Teenagers are the most vulnerable in these attacks because they have a notorious habit of travelling alone at night and in unsafe areas,” he said.

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