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Date: September 20, 2012
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Name of article : Calling all good samaritan

Name of journalist : Francinah Baaitse

Name of Publication : The Voice

Date : 07 September 2012

Country: Botswana

Skills : Fairness

Theme : HIV/AIDS, care work , health

Genre : News

Gem Classification : Gender aware

Description :

A woman who was left paralysed after suffering a stroke has pleaded with members of the public to assist her restore her dignity.Bophelo Gabaeme 42, decided to make the plea after she got fed up of living in un hygienic conditions with no toilet and no running water. Gabaeme suffered the massive stroke   that left her bedridden in 2007. Ever since she has endured the humiliation of living in unhygienic conditions whereby she often sleeps in soiled sheets because she can not be lifted to the neighbours to ask for the use of their toilet and neither does she have water for her care givers to wash the sheets. “Although I am on home based care, I have all my senses and it is disgusting and humiliating for me to eat in a stuffy room like this one,” Gabaeme explained.

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