Doctors infect woman with HIV + blood – Echo

Date: September 7, 2012
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Name of article : Doctors infect woman with HIV + blood

Name of journalist : Tsaone Basimanebotlhe

Name of publication : Echo

Country: Botswana

Date : 30 August 2012

Skills : Fairness

Theme : Health, HIV/AIDS

Genre : News

Gem classification : Gender aware

Description :

Government was recently forced to fork out over P750000 as compesation to a Motswana woman after doctors at Pricess Marina Hospital transfused her with blood that was HIV + . High Court Leatile Dambe recently ordered government to pay the woman   the money within 30 days after doctors at Princess Marina Hospital admitted that they infected her with HIV + blood, and requested for the matter to be settled out of court. Echo investigations have revealed that the woman was admitted for premature delivery at Princes Marina Hospital in December 2003 and was found to have had a low blood count. At the time , she underwent   a number of tests that showed that she was HIV -. After admission at Princess Marina Hospital, the woman underwent a caesarean section after which she had a blood transfusion because of her low blood count

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