Man attack, kills lover with a knobkerrie – The Voice

Date: September 20, 2012
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Name of Article : Man attacks ,kills lover with a knobkerrie

Name of Journalist : Chenjelani Baraedi

Name of publication : The Voice

Date : 14 September 2012

Country: Botswana

Skills : Hard news

Theme : Gender violence

Genre : News

Gem Clasification: Gender aware

Description ;

A 39 year od woman from Nshakazhokwe village died from excessive bleeding at Tutume primary hospital some few hours after she was attacked by her jealous boy friend over the weekend. The woman was allegedly attacked with a knobkerrie by her lover who is believed to have been drunk at the time. The accused, currently helping police with investigations into the murder was nabbed a day after committing the offence in a bush near Sebina village.The man is said to have been convinced that his girlfriend was seeing another man.

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